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This page contains links to the list of the publications authored by the lab members.





 International Journals




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JR Shin, KJ Lim, DJ Kim, JH Cho, SC Kim

Display of multimeric antimicrobial peptides on the Escherichia coli cell surface and its application as whole-cell antibiotics

PLOS ONE. 2013 Aug;8(3):e58997.


HM Jung, QM Liu, JK Kim, ST Lee, SC Kim, WT Im

Lactobacillus ginsenosidimutans sp. nov., isolated from kimchi with the ability to transform ginsenosides

ANTONIE VAN LEEUWENHOEK. 2013 Apr;103(4):867-876


H Park, G Bak, SC Kim, Y Lee.

Exploring sRNA-mediated gene silencing mechanisms using artificial small RNAs derived from a natural RNA scaffold in Escherichia coli

NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH. 2013 Feb;41(6):3787-3804.


JH Lee, SC Jung, LM Bui, KH Kang, JJ Song, SC Kim.

Improved Production of L-Threonine in Escherichia coli by Use of a DNA Scaffold System.



CH Cui, SC Kim, WT Im

Characterization of the ginsenoside-transforming recombinant beta-glucosidase from Actinosynnema mirum and bioconversion of major ginsenosides into minor ginsenosides.



C Yoo, GG Choi, SC Kim, HM Oh

Ettlia sp YC001 showing high growth rate and lipid content under high CO2



NJ Kwon, HS Park, S Jung, SC Kim, JH Yu

The Putative Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor RicA Mediates Upstream Signaling for Growth and Development in Aspergillus

EUKARYOTIC CELL. 2012 Nov;11(11):1399-1412.


HS Park, O Bayram, GH Braus, SC Kim, JH Yu

Characterization of the velvet regulators in Aspergillus fumigatus.


MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY. 2012 Nov;86(4):937-953.


H Hong, CH Cui, JK Kim, FX Jin, WT Im, SC Kim

Enzymatic Biotransformation of Ginsenoside Rb1 and Gypenoside XVII into Ginsenosides Rd and F2 by Recombinant beta-glucosidase from Flavobacterium johnsoniae

JOURNAL OF GINSENG RESEARCH. 2012 Oct;36(4):418-424.


J Kim, S Lee, H Shin, SC Kim, BK Cho

Elucidation of bacterial genome complexity using next-generation sequencing



JK Kim, CH Cui, MH Yoon, SC Kim, WT Im

Bioconversion of major ginsenosides Rg(1) to minor ginsenoside F-1 using novel recombinant ginsenoside hydrolyzing glycosidase cloned from Sanguibacter keddieii and enzyme characterization

JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. 2012 Oct;161(3):294-301


SW Ryu, K Choi, JH Park, YM Park, SC Kim, C Choi

Mitofusin 1 inhibits an apoptosis-associated amino-terminal conformational change in Bax, but not its mitochondrial translocation, in a GTPase-dependent manner

CANCER LETTERS. 2012 Oct;323(1):62-68


SW Ryu, K Choi, J Yoon, S Kim, C Choi.

Endoplasmic reticulum-specific BH3-only protein BNIP1 induces mitochondrial fragmentation in a Bcl-2- and Drp1-dependent manner

JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY. 2012 Aug;227(8):3027-3035


DS An, CH Cui, BH Sung, HC Yang, SC Kim, ST Lee, WT Im, SG Kim

Characterization of a novel ginsenoside-hydrolyzing alpha-l-arabinofuranosidase, AbfA, from Rhodanobacter ginsenosidimutans Gsoil 3054(T)



SA Jang, H Kim, JY Lee, JR Shin, DJ Kim, JH Cho, SC Kim

Mechanism of action and specificity of antimicrobial peptides designed based on buforin IIb

PEPTIDES. 2012 Apr;34(2):283-289.


SH Lee, QM Liu, ST Lee, SC Kim, WT Im.

Nocardioides ginsengagri sp nov., isolated from the soil of a ginseng field.



L Wang, DS An, SG Kim, FX Jin, SC Kim, ST Lee, WT Im.

Ramlibacter ginsenosidimutans sp nov., with Ginsenoside-Converting Activity.



L. Wang, Q.M. Liu, B.H. Sung, D.S. An, H.G. Lee, S.G. Kim, S.C. Kim, S.T. Lee, WT Im.

Bioconversion of ginsenosides Rb1, Rb2, Rc and Rd by novel -glucosidase hydrolyzing outer 3-O glycoside from Sphingomonas sp. 2F2: Cloning, expression, and enzyme characterization.

JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. 2011 Nov;156(2):125-133.


SH Baek, Y Cui, SC Kim, CH Cui, C Yin, ST Lee, WT Im.

Tumebacillus ginsengisoli sp nov., isolated from soil of a ginseng field.



CH Cui, TE Choi, HS Yu, FX Jin, ST Lee, SC Kim, WT Im.

Mucilaginibacter composti sp nov., with Ginsenoside Converting Activity, Isolated from Compost.

JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY. 2011 Jun;49(3):393-398.


JH Jang, MY Kim, JW Lee, SC Kim, JH Cho

Enhancement of the cancer targeting specificity of buforin lIb by fusion with an anionic peptide via a matrix metalloproteinases-cleavable linker

PEPTIDES. 2011 May;32(5):895-899.


JY Lee, KS Yang, SA Jang, BH Sung, SC Kim

Engineering Butanol-Tolerance in Escherichia coli With Artificial Transcription Factor Libraries



K Jung, D Lee, HS Lim, SI Lee, YJ Kim, GM Lee, SC Kim, GY Koh

Double Anti-angiogenic and Anti-inflammatory Protein Valpha Targeting VEGF-A and TNF-alpha in Retinopathy and Psoriasis

JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. 2011 Apr;286(16):14410-14418


B.H. Sung, J.H. Lee, S.C. Kim

Scarless chromosomal gene knockout methods

Methods in Molecular Biology. 2011;765 (0):43-54


HS Chae, KH Kim, SC Kim, PC Lee

Strain-Dependent Carotenoid Productions in Metabolically Engineered Escherichia coli



DS An, CH Cui, HG Lee, L Wang, SC Kim, ST Lee, FX Jin, HS Yu, YW Chin, HK Lee, WT Im.


Identification and Characterization of a Novel Terrabacter ginsenosidimutans sp nov beta-Glucosidase That Transforms

Ginsenoside Rb1 into the Rare Gypenosides XVII and LXXV.




H Jeong, V Barbe, CH Lee, D Vallenet, DS Yu, SH Choi, A Couloux, SW Lee, SH Yoon, L Cattolico, CG Hur

Genome Sequences of Escherichia coli B strains REL606 and BL21(DE3).

JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. 2009 Dec;394(4):644-652


K Jung, JE Lee, HZ Kim, HM Kim, BS Park, SI Hwang, JO Lee, SC Kim, GY Koh

Toll-Like Receptor 4 Decoy, TOY, Attenuates Gram-Negative Bacterial Sepsis

PLOS ONE. 2009 Oct;4(10)


JH Cho, BH Sung, SC Kim.


Buforins: Histone H2A-derived antimicrobial peptides from toad stomach.




SA Jang, BH Sung, JH Cho, SC Kim.

Direct Expression of Antimicrobial Peptides in an Intact Form by a Translationally Coupled Two-Cistron Expression System.




Lee JH,  Sung BH,  Kim MS, Blattner FR, Yoon BH, Kim JH,  Kim SC.

Metabolic engineering of a reduced-genome strain of Escherichia coli for L-threonine production.

Microb Cell Fact. 2009 Jan 7;8(1):2.



Cho JH,  Sung BH, Kim SC.

Buforins: Histone H2A-derived antimicrobial peptides from toad stomach.

Biochim Biophys Acta. 2008 Nov 11.



Lee HS, Park CB, Kim JM, Jang SA, Park IY, Kim MS, Cho JH, Kim SC.

Mechanism of anticancer activity of buforin IIb, a histone H2A-derived peptide.

Cancer Lett. 2008 Nov 18;271(1):47-55



Lee JY, Sung BH, Yu BJ, Lee JH, Lee SH, Kim MS, Koob MD, Kim SC.

Phenotypic engineering by reprogramming gene transcription using novel artificial transcription factors in Escherichia coli.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Sep;36(16):e102.



Yu BJ, Kang KH, Lee JH, Sung BH, Kim MS, Kim SC.

Rapid and efficient construction of markerless deletions in the Escherichia coli genome.

Nucleic Acids Res. 2008 Aug;36(14):e84.



Koo YS, Kim JM, Park IY, Yu BJ, Jang SA, Kim KS, Park CB, Cho JH, Kim SC

Structure-activity relations of parasin I, a histone H2A-derived antimicrobial peptide.

Peptides. 2008 Jul;29(7):1102-8.



Kim JM, Jang SA, Yu BJ, Sung BH, Cho JH, Kim SC

High-level expression of an antimicrobial peptide histonin as a natural form by multimerization and furin-mediated cleavage.

Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2008 Feb;78(1):123-30.




Sung BH, Lee CH, Yu BJ, Lee JH, Lee JY, Kim MS, Blattner FR, Kim SC.

Development of a biofilm production-deficient Escherichia coli strain as a host for biotechnological applications.

Appl Environ Microbiol. 2006 May;72(5):3336-42.




Yu BJ, Sung BH, Lee JY, Son SH, Kim MS, Kim SC.

sucAB and sucCD are mutually essential genes in Escherichia coli.

FEMS Microbiol Lett. 2006 Jan;254(2):245-50.




Kim JM, Choi JY, Kim MS, Kim SC.

In vivo excision and amplification of large human genomic segments using the Cre/loxP-and large T antigen/SV40 ori-mediated machinery.

J Biotechnol. 2004 Jun 10; 110(3):227-33.




Jung MS, Jin DH, Chae HD, Kang S, Kim SC, Bang YJ, Choi TS, Choi KS, Shin DY.

Bcl-xL and E1B-19K proteins inhibit p53-induced irreversible growth arrest and senescence by preventing reactive oxygen species-dependent p38 activation.

J Biol Chem. 2004 Apr 23; 279(17):17765-71.




Park IY, Cho JH, Kim KS, Kim YB, Kim MS, Kim SC.

Helix stability confers salt resistance upon helical antimicrobial peptides.

J Biol Chem. 2004 Apr 2; 279(14):13896-901.




Cho JH, Park IY, Kim MS, Kim SC.

Matrix metalloproteinase 2 is involved in the regulation of the antimicrobial peptide parasin I production in catfish skin mucosa.

FEBS Lett 2002 Nov 20;531(3):459-63.




Yu BJ, Sung BH, Koob MD, Lee CH, Lee JH, Lee WS, Kim MS, Kim SC.

Minimization of the Escherichia coli genome using a Tn5-targeted Cre/loxP excision system..

Nat Biotechnol 2002 Oct;20(10):1018-23.




 Lee JH, Kim MS, Cho JH, Kim SC.

Enhanced expression of tandem multimers of an antimicrobial peptide buforin II in Escherichia coli by the DEAD-box and trxB mutant.

Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol 2002 May;58(6):790-6.


 Kim HS, Cho JH, Park HW, Yoon H, Kim MS, Kim SC. 

 Endotoxin-neutralizing antimicrobial proteins of the human placenta.

J Immunol. 2002 Mar 1;168(5):2356-64.




 Cho JH, Park IY, Kim HS, Lee WT, Kim MS, Kim SC.

Cathepsin D produces antimicrobial peptide parasin I from histone H2A in the skin mucosa of fish.

FASEB J. 2002 Mar;16(3):429-31.




 Jung MS, Yun J, Chae HD, Kim JM, Kim SC, Choi TS, Shin DY. 

 p53 and its homologues, p63 and p73, induce a replicative senescence through inactivation  of NF-Y transcription factor.

Oncogene 2001 Sep 13;20(41):5818-25


 Park MT, Lee MS, Choi JY, Kim SC, Lee GM

 Orthophosphate anion enhances the stability and activity of endoxylanase from Bacillus sp.

 Biotechnol Bioeng. 2001 Feb 20;72(4):434-40.



 Park CJ, Park CB, Hong, SS, Lee HS, Lee SY, Kim SC

Characterization and cDNA cloning of two glycine- and histidine-rich antimicrobial peptides  from the roots of shepherd's purse, Capsella bursa-pastoris.

 Plant Mol Biol. 2000 Sep;44(2):187-97.  


 Kim HS, Yoon H, Minn I, Park CB, Lee WT, Zasloff M, Kim SC

Pepsin-mediated processing of the cytoplasmic histone H2A to strong antimicrobial peptide  buforin I.

 J Immunol. 2000 Sep 15;165(6):3268-74.


 Kobayashi S, Takeshima K, Park CB, Kim SC, Matsuzaki K

Interactions of the novel antimicrobial peptide buforin 2 with lipid bilayers: Proline as a  translocation promoting factor.

Biochemistry. 2000 Jul 25;39(29):8648-54.



 Park CB, Yi GS, Matsuzaki K, Kim SC

Structure-activity analysis of buforin II, a histone H2A-derived antimicrobial peptide: The  proline-hinge is responsible for the cell-penetrating ability of buforin II.

 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2000 Jul 18;97(15):8245-50.  


 Choi JH, Jeong KJ, Kim SC, Lee SY

 Efficient secretory production of alkaline phosphatase by high cell density culture of  recombinant Escherichia coli using the Bacillus sp. endoxylanase signal sequence.  

 Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2000 Jun;53(6):640-5.


 Shin SW, Park DS, Kim SC, Park HY

Two carbohydrate recognition domains of Hyphantria cunea lectin bind to bacterial  lipopolysaccharides through O-specific chain.

 FEBS Lett. 2000 Feb 4;467(1):70-4.




 Suh JY, Lee YT, Park CB, Lee KH, Kim SC, Choi BS.

Structural and functional implications of a proline residue in the antimicrobial peptide  gaegurin.

 Eur J Biochem. 1999 Dec 1;266(2):665-674.


 Liang JF, Kim SC.

Not only the nature of peptide but also the characteristics of cell membrane determine the  antimicrobial mechanism of a peptide.

 J Pept Res. 1999 May;53(5):518-22.



 Kim YS, Kim SY, Kim JH, Kim SC.

Xylitol production using recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae containing multiple xylose  reductase genes at chromosomal delta-sequences.
 J Biotechnol. 1999 Jan 22;67(2-3):159-71.



 Min Gab Kim, Kyun Oh Lee, Na Eun Cheong, Yeon Ok Choi, Jin Hee Jeong, Moo Jae Cho,  Sun Chang Kim and Sang Yeol Lee.

 Molecular cloning and characterization of a class III chitinase in pumpkin leaves, which  strongly binds to regenerated chitin affinity gel
 Plant Science. 1999; 147: 157-163.


 Yoon YG, Posfai G, Szybalski W, Kim SC.

Cre/loxP-mediated in vivo excision of large segments from yeast genome and their  amplification based on the 2microm plasmid-derived system.

 Gene. 1998 Nov 26;223(1-2):67-76.


 Park IY, Park CB, Kim MS, Kim SC.

Parasin I, an antimicrobial peptide derived from histone H2A in the catfish, Parasilurus  asotus.

 FEBS Lett. 1998 Oct 23;437(3):258-62.



 Shin SW, Park SS, Park DS, Kim MG, Kim SC, Brey PT, Park HY.

Isolation and characterization of immune-related genes from the fall webworm, Hyphantria  cunea, using PCR-based differential display and subtractive cloning.

 Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 1998 Nov;28(11):827-37.


 Cho JH, Park CB, Yoon YG, Kim SC.

Lumbricin I, a novel proline-rich antimicrobial peptide from the earthworm: purification, cDNA  cloning and molecular characterization.

 Biochim Biophys Acta. 1998 Oct 22;1408(1):67-76


 Lee PC, Park IY, Kim MS, Kim SC.
Effect of the replication mode of a plasmid on the stability of multimeric endoxylanase genes  in Bacillus subtilis.

 J Biotechnol. 1998 Jul 16;62(3):177-85.



 Jeong KJ, Park IY, Kim MS, Kim SC.

 High-level expression of an endoxylanase gene from Bacillus sp. in Bacillus subtilis DB104  for the production of xylobiose from xylan.

 Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 1998 Jul;50(1):113-8.


 Park CJ, Lee JH, Hong SS, Lee HS, Kim SC.

High-level expression of the angiotensin-converting-enzyme-inhibiting peptide, YG-1, as  tandem multimers in Escherichia coli.

 Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 1998 Jul;50(1):71-6.


 Kim MG, Shin SW, Bae KS, Kim SC, Park HY.

Molecular cloning of chitinase cDNAs from the silkworm, Bombyx mori and the fall  webworm, Hyphantria cunea.

 Insect Biochem Mol Biol. 1998 Mar;28(3):163-71.



 Minn I, Kim HS, Kim SC.

Antimicrobial peptides derived from pepsinogens in the stomach of the bullfrog, Rana  catesbeiana.

 Biochim Biophys Acta. 1998 Jul 1;1407(1):31-9.


 Jeong KJ, Lee PC, Park IY, Kim MS, Kim SC.

Molecular cloning and characterization of an endoxylanase gene of Bacillus sp. in  Escherichia coli.

 Enzyme Microb Technol. 1998 May 15;22(7):599-605.


 Yoon YG, Cho JH, Kim SC.

Cre/loxP-mediated excision and amplification of large segments of the Escherichia coli  genome.

 Genet Anal. 1998 Jan;14(3):89-95.



 Park CB, Kim HS, Kim SC.

Mechanism of action of the antimicrobial peptide buforin II: buforin II kills microorganisms by  penetrating the cell membrane and inhibiting cellular functions.

 Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1998 Mar 6;244(1):253-7.


 Lee JH, Minn I, Park CB, Kim SC.

Acidic peptide-mediated expression of the antimicrobial peptide buforin II as tandem repeats  in Escherichia coli.

 Protein Expr Purif. 1998 Feb;12(1):53-60.


 Jun F. Liang, Young Geol Yoon and Sun Chang Kim.

Antioxidants increase gene transfection efficiency of electroporation in B lymphoma cells.

 Biotechnology Technique. 1998; 12: 595-598.



 Liang JF, Akaike T, Kim SC.

Nitric oxide is not involved in lipopolysaccharide and cytokine mixture-induced cellular  injuries in primary cultured hepatocytes.

 Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1997 Nov 26;240(3):664-8.


 Park CB, Lee JH, Park IY, Kim MS, Kim SC.

A novel antimicrobial peptide from the loach, Misgurnus anguillicaudatus.

 FEBS Lett. 1997 Jul 14;411(2-3):173-8.


 Na Eun Cheong, Yeon Ok Choi, Woe Yeon Kim, Sun Chang Kim, Moo Je Cho and Sang  Yeol Lee.

 Purification and molecular cloning of an antifungal PR-5 protein from flower buds of  Brassica campestis and cloning of its gene

 Physiol. Plant. 1997; 101: 583-590.



 Kim HS, Park CB, Kim MS, Kim SC.

cDNA cloning and characterization of buforin I, an antimicrobial peptide: a cleavage product  of histone H2A.

 Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1996 Dec 13;229(2):381-7.


 Lee JH, Skowron PM, Rutkowska SM, Hong SS, Kim SC.

Sequential amplification of cloned DNA as tandem multimers using class-IIS restriction  enzymes.

 Genet Anal. 1996 Dec;13(6):139-45.


 Yi GS, Park CB, Kim SC, Cheong C.

Solution structure of an antimicrobial peptide buforin II.

 FEBS Lett. 1996 Nov 25;398(1):87-90.



 Kim SC, Skowron PM, Szybalski W.

Structural requirements for FokI-DNA interaction and oligodeoxyribonucleotide-instructed  cleavage.

 J Mol Biol. 1996 May 17;258(4):638-49.


 Park CB, Kim MS, Kim SC.

A novel antimicrobial peptide from Bufo bufo gargarizans.

 Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1996 Jan 5;218(1):408-13.


 Kim, M. S., Kim, S. C. and Olson, N. F.

Effect of Commercial Fungal Proteases and Freeze-Shocked Lactobacillus helverticus  CDR101 on Accelerating Cheese Fermentation. II. Proteolysis.

Milchwissenschaft. 1994; 49: 260.



 Kim, M. S., Kim, S. C. and Olson, N. F.

Effect of Commercial Fungal Proteases and Freeze-Shocked Lactobacillus helverticus  CDR101 on Accelerating Cheese Fermentation. I. Composition.
Milchwissenschaft. 1994; 49: 256-259.


 Piechula S, Kim SC, Podhajska AJ.

PamI and PamII restriction endonucleases from Phormidium ambiguum.

 Nucleic Acids Res. 1992 Feb 11;20(3):619. No abstract available.


 Podhajska AJ, Kim SC, Szybalski W.

Conferring new specificities on restriction enzymes: cleavage at any predetermined site by  combining adapter oligodeoxynucleotide and class-IIS enzyme.

 Methods Enzymol. 1992;216:303-9. No abstract available.



 Posfai G, Kim SC, Szilak L, Kovacs A, Venetianer P.

Complementation by detached parts of GGCC-specific DNA methyltransferases.

 Nucleic Acids Res. 1991 Sep 25;19(18):4843-7.


 Szybalski W, Kim SC, Hasan N, Podhajska AJ.

Class-IIS restriction enzymes--a review.

 Gene. 1991 Apr;100:13-26. Review.


 Kim SC, Posfai G, Szybalski W.

A novel gene-fusing vector: construction of a 5'-GGmCC-specific chimeric  methyltransferase, M.BspRI/M.BsuRI.

 Gene. 1991 Apr;100:45-50.



 Kim, S. C., Olson, N. F. and Richardson, T.

Polymerization and Gelation of Thiolated -lactoglobulin by Oxidation with Potassium Iodate.

Milchwissenschaft. 1990; 45: 627-631.


 Kim, S. C., Olson, N. F. and Richardson, T.

 Thiolation of -lactoglobulin with N-acetylhomocysteine and S-acetylmercaptosuccinic  Anhydride.

Milchwissenschaft. 1990; 45: 580-583.


 Kim, S. C., Kim, M. S. and Olson, N. F.

 Interactive Effect of Hydrogen Sulphide Porduction from Cysteine and Methanethiol  Production from Methionine in Milkfat-coated Microcapsules Containing Brevibacterium  linens.

 Journal of Dairy Research. 1990; 57: 579-585.



 Kim, S. C. and Olson, N. F.

 Production of Methanethiol in Milkfat-coated Microcapsules Containing Brevibacterium  linens and Cysteine.

Journal of Dairy Research. 1989; 56, 799-811.


 Kim SC, Olson NF.

Production of hydrogen sulphide in milkfat-coated microcapsules containing Brevibacterium  linens and cysteine.

 J Microencapsul. 1989 Oct-Dec;6(4):501-13.


 Kim SC, Szybalski W.

Amplification of cloned DNA as tandem multimers using BspMI-generated asymmetric  cohesive ends.

 Gene. 1988 Nov 15;71(1):1-8.



 Kim SC, Podhajska AJ, Szybalski W.

Cleaving DNA at any predetermined site with adapter-primers and class-IIS restriction  enzymes.

 Science. 1988 Apr 22;240(4851):504-6.


 Hasan N, Kim SC, Podhajska AJ, Szybalski W.

A novel multistep method for generating precise unidirectional deletions using BspMI, a  class-IIS restriction enzyme.

 Gene. 1986;50(1-3):55-62.


 Kim SC, Olson NF.

Characteristics of viable Brevibacterium linens cells, methionine and cysteine in  milkfat-coated microcapsules.

 J Microencapsul. 1985 Jul-Sep;2(3):197-206.











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